Many years ago the outlook for PBC patients was grim. Very little was known about this rare disease and there was very little research. Some called PBC the Silent Killer.

Today, it is no longer called the silent killer and with current medications such as Urso Forte, the future for the majority of PBC patients is not much different than those without PBC.

Over the years, PBCers and researchers have joined together to learn more about PBC and its treatment. Patients now have medications and treatments to help postpone and/or stop the disease progression. There are various ongoing research projects in which many of us participate.

Some of these research projects were made possible by the generous donors of the PBCers Organization. But the fight is not over. We still need to find the cause and cure for PBC, and we need your help.

You can help by making others aware of PBC, by discussing this disease with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Making the general public aware of PBC will also help us in raising much needed funding (funds) for research.

So please help. Search

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