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Click the Join button and follow the instructions. After subscribing you will receive an e-mail Yahoo confirmation request. Click reply on the e-mail and click send. You will receive the PBCers Welcome Letter and the next PBC Daily Digest that is sent out.

IMPORTANT: When you subscribe to the PBC Daily Digest on our Yahoo site, you will need to set your mail settings to “digest” format or “Special Notices”.

Subscribe through e-mail:
Send a blank e-mail to pbc_digest-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Click reply to the Yahoo confirmation e-mail. You will receive the PBCers Welcome Letter and the next PBC Daily Digest that is sent out.

Because of new spamming software, some ISP’s will not allow mail from Yahoo Groups. If you do not receive the welcome letter within 24 hours, this usually means your ISP is not forwarding the mail or it is going to your spam folder. America Online members add the group mailing address PBC_Digest@yahoogroups.com to your AOL address book.

PBC Daily Digest Rules:

  • The PBC Daily Digest is Moderated. All digest subscribers must be approved by one of our moderators. It can take up to 24 hours before approval.
  • All e-mails sent to our digest group address must be approved by one of our moderators before it is added to the next digest.
  • The digest is usually mailed out between 5am – 9am unless there is more than one digest for that day. M
  • We do not sell or exchange e-mail address information with any other company or organization.
  • E-mails posted to the group must be less than 400 words. If your e-mail is more than 400 words, please split it into two e-mails. E-mails over the word limit will be rejected.
  • We ask our members to receive the PBC Daily Digest in Yahoo digest format. This is the format we have used for the past 20 years, and all new members are changed to digest format. If you receive individual e-mails, please do not reply to postings until they have been sent out to all members in the digest.
  • We request not sending private e-mails to other subscribers. If you do not agree with a posting in the digest, please do NOT reply to the subscribers personal e-mail address unless they request private e-mails. If your reply can’t be posted to the group, then it most likely should NOT be sent at all. Sending an argumentative or tacky e-mail to a member’s private e-mail address is grounds for removal from our group.
  • Upper case text: Please do NOT type your e-mails in all upper case text. ALL CAPS is considered shouting in cyberspace language and is hard on the readers eyes.
  • Copyright and trademarked material CANNOT be posted in the digest. If a member finds an interesting “PBC related” article, the link, title and few sentences of the article can be posted.
  • Moderators have the option “not to approve” an e-mail they consider in violation with any of the above posting rules.
  • Moderators can “remove a digest subscriber” they feel is disruptive to our group.
  • Please sign your e-mails. You do not have to use your last name, but it is helpful to give your first name. Some members also include their state/country, disease stage and diagnosis year. Example: Jane, La, Stage 1, Dx 2004 (For safety reasons, please no cities or phone numbers.)
  • Be Kind & Gentle. We already have enough problems trying to cope with the diagnosis and daily living of PBC. We don’t need bickering in our group adding additional stress. We are here to offer caring help and support to one another.
  • We do not discuss Politics or Religion. We are a diverse group consisting of members around the world. Our organization is here to offer help and support for PBC, associated diseases, day-to-day living, treatments, research, insurance, fundraising and other PBC related topics. We offer extension groups for topics such as politics, religion, etc.
  • We do not discuss Race or Sexual preferences.
  • No Slamming of other members.
  • No Advertising or Group Member Mailing without the moderators approval. We ask members not to collect e-mail addresses from our areas of support and use this information to send out spam mail. Group mailings to our members without prior approval is considered spamming, and the person will be removed from the PBCers group immediately. We all receive enough e-mail in our mailboxes, and don’t need PBCers adding to the problem.
  • No Vulgarity or Offensive language.

How to change your mailing address:
Visit the Yahoo Groups website to edit your e-mail address on Yahoo. You can also unsubscribe your old address and subscribe with the new address through e-mail. pbc_digest-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com  and

To unsubscribe from the PBC Daily Digest:
Send a blank e-mail to pbc_digest-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
Be sure to click reply to the confirmation e-mail. Confirmation removes your address from our m ailing list.

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