PBCers Chat Room

     PBCers Chat Room

Chatroom Guidelines

  • The PBCers chat room is NOT moderated, but we do have at least one volunteer host in our room during scheduled chats.
  • Chat room hosts are PBC patients, NOT medical professionals. Discussions are based on chatters personal experiences and views.
  • All scheduled chats are Eastern Time.
  • Please join chat room with your Name and State initials or Country outside US (such as Mary-KY, JuneCa, Alice-Canada). This allows us to get to know one another. Changing nicknames in the chat room causes confusion, so please refrain from doing this.
  • The chat room is open 24/7. Although our chat room host is only there during scheduled chats, the room is available during nonschedule times for private, committee and other chats.
  • We hope to maintain a friendly environment where we offer help, support and friendship to PBCers, family members or friends.
  • Maintain communication of mutual respect, being polite and respectful to others as if you were talking in person.
  • Although our chat room is mainly to discuss PBC, we also encourage other PBC related topics and having fun. Laughter can be the best medicine. We do not discuss Politics, Religion, Race or Sexual Preference.  Please read the PBCers Organization Rules.
  • Any questions, problems, or requests for assistance to gain access to the PBCers Chat room, please email chathelp@pbcers.org.

Many thanks to our chat room hosts who give their time and energy to help other PBCers.

How to enter chat room:  

Scroll down below the chat schedule to the chat room connect box. Type in your user name (such as Mary, MikeWA, PBCJane, Billy-LA), then click the "connect" button.  This will take you into our chat room.  Chat room loading depends on your Internet connection speed. Please be patient as it may take one or two minutes for the page to load.  You are in the chat room when you can see your name on the left side of the chat box. To send text type in the yellow area below the chat screen.

You MUST have JAVA on your computer to use our chat room. Click here to get JAVA free.

Chat Schedule


TIME - All Chats Listed In US Eastern Time Zone Unless Noted






8 pm - 10 pm




10 pm - 12 am




Enter PBCers Chat Room

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Disclaimer: Our chat room offers support & friendship to all. Chatters are not medical professionals and discuss PBC based on their personal experiences. Information learned in this chat room should not be used as medical advice. Please discuss with your personal doctor before making any changes to your day-to-day life.

The PBCers Organization is offering this chat room as a area for support and cannot be held liable in any way for use of this chat room.