PBCers Mission & Goals

Mission Statement
The PBCers Organizations’ mission is to offer education and support to Primary Biliary Cholangitis patients, family members and friends, and to raise funds to help research the causes and cure for PBC.


PBCers Goals
All who are diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) receive the support and education they need to cope with this disease, and improve the quality of their lives using our online mediums.

Provide education and support for family members and friends of people diagnosed with PBC.

Via the internet and other media, raise public awareness regarding PBC, the need for research and organ donation.

Raise funds to support education and research that leads to identifying the cause and cure for PBC.

Host and organize PBC national conferences for patients, family members and friends to share information about current research, fundraising, educational programs, and to provide an opportunity for those with PBC and their loved ones to network with other PBCers.


PBCers Name And Logos Are Trademarked
You may not use the PBCers name and or logo for meetings, fundraisers, promotions, craft items, etc without the written approval of the PBCers Organization. If you need approval, please contact pbcsite@pbcers.org