Thank You

I wish to thank my family, friends, Hot Springs Middle School, Henderson State University, the American Liver Foundation and the many, many PBCers who sent flowers, gifts, cards and PBC Fund the Cure donations in memory of my son Ryan. 


Ryan was a very loving son.  He was my best friend and a wonderful person to everyone. He never met a stranger.  He was always willing to help others and take up a cause for the underdog. He was a son any mother would be proud of.


Ryan was also a driving force in starting the PBCers Organization and has always been our number one supporter.  He helped create our first PBC website, mail the digest and promote PBC awareness.  I used to think he only wore his PBCers sweatshirt and t-shirt when he was around me to make me happy.  At Ryan’s funeral, a couple of his friends mentioned the PBCers shirts he wore at school and said “Whenever Moore was asked what the shirt meant, he would go into his PBC speech.  Moore was known for his speeches.” 


Ryan hated that I had PBC, but he was never embarrassed or ashamed of it.  He was very proud of the PBCers and his involvement in our organization. Although Ryan would be embarrassed by so much attention given to him these past weeks, he would be honored to have played a part in helping PBCers through donations for PBC research.  He wanted a cure for his mom and all PBCers.


I’m sure Ryan is up above with a smile on his face and watching over all of us with his laughing eyes.



My sincerest thanks,


Linie (Linda) Moore


Song now playing:  Stairway to Heaven

When you loose your parents,


you loose the past.


When you loose your spouse,


you loose the present.


When you loose your child,


you loose the future.