Ryan gives mom a big kiss


Christmas 1988

In Memory Of Antony “Ryan” Moore


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Ryan 1978 - 2005


Memorial Slide Show


Ryan’s Passion “Football”


Coach Moore


Graduation 2002


European Vacation 2002


Cruise January 2003


Orlando Vacation 2004


Michigan & Canada PBCers 2004


Graduation 2004


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2005 Thanksgiving


Ryan, Our Son


From the time you were a tiny baby, then as a little boy.

We watched you grow into a man; you brought us so much joy.

When we were praying for a son, God granted our wish and gave us you.

You were everything we longed for, and made all our dreams come true.

In everything we have gone through, we know that we were blessed

No matter what the circumstance, you were the very best.

If God had given us the chance, to search the world from end to end;

our search would have stopped when we found you, for you were the

Perfect Son and our Best Friend.









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In the end, it's not the years

in your life that count.

It's the life in your years.

      Last picture January 2005